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Why birth is better than the Super Bowl

February 02, 2014

Most of America will be gathered around the TV watching the big game today, but I would much rather be working.  Being a doula is way more exciting than the Super Bowl.  
There are several similarities between the Super Bowl and birth.
1) Both are displays of great physical exertion
2) Both events are anticipated
3) Both end with a prize 
But...can the effort put forth by a birthing mother really be compared to that of a pro football player?  I think the birthing mother is on top here.  Laboring and giving birth can last for hours and sometimes days.  A football game is 1 hour of play and most players do not play the entire game.  In a birth there are really only two key players, mom and baby.  They aren't allowed a time out, commercial break or a half time show with Bruno Mars or the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  While the events are anticipated, the Super Bowl schedule has been set for months but the birth of a child is (usually) completely unpredictable.  Birth has the element of surprise, how exciting is that!  And while the Vince Lombardi Trophy is certainly something to be proud of, it just doesn't compare to a new life.  

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