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End of Blogtober Special Doula Sale 5

Hello blogtober readers!

We have had a great time with our doula blog a day in October and want to have some fun on this last blog.  The first 5 people to comment on this post by telling us which of our posts was their favorite will get a free doula bumper sticker!

Now...on to our Blogtober Special Doula Sale Items.  All sale prices are good through the end of 10/31/2013 at midnight Pacific Time.

1) Portable Ice Bin regular price $11.50 is on special for $7.50 today!

Great Doula Tool - Portable Ice Bin


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Great Doula Tool - Labor Notespad


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]Doula World Ball Cover

Seen here on a peanut, but fits 65cm round too.

YourDoulaBag Blogtober is coming to an end. 0

Thanks to all of our contributors and readers of October's special Blogtober series of doula centered blogs. I hope that you found a blog or two that made you smile, taught you something or just made you feel good.  I enjoyed putting the blogs together and am proud of the results.

One final day remains and I'll give you a little hint about the content...Blogtober SALE!! Be sure to check in tomorrow to see what fun items we have at a special price.

In the doula spirit!
Alice Turner
Owner and Doula

Doulas, get out there and tweet! 2

Doulas get out there and tweet`

When I first signed up for twitter I was completely clueless as to how it works.  All I knew is that "I should be on twitter".  If you aren't on twitter yet, I encourage you to jump in and get started.  Signup for an account and start following other doulas.  You can search for the word "doula" and you'll find thousands of doulas on twitter.  It is awesome.  Just when I think that I am following all of the doulas on twitter I find more to follow.

Here are some helpful articles to check out about twitter.

1) Definition of a hashtag

2) 31 twitter tips

3) Interesting twitter infographic

Hashtags to checkout:

#doulaparty, #doula, #birthpro, #birthedu

Just a few of the great birthy types to follow:

@YourDoulaBag (ME!), @YourDoulaBiz (ME!), @DesirreAndrews, @happiestdoula, @RobinPregnancy, @JeanetteIBCLC, @LamazeAdvocates

The best way to get to know twitter is to get out there and experience it.  If you are already on twitter please share your handle in our comments section.

My Doula Dream - Inspiration in the Labor Room 2

Doula Decor - You Are Strong Enough

I have a doula dream.

It's a small dream that I believe could achieve a huge result.

I want to remove all of the pain scale posters that plague the laboring rooms of hospitals around the world and replace them with inspirational messages and images.  Wouldn't it be inspiring in labor to look up and see a sign like this one?   Would anyone really miss the sign with the smiley face that eventually turns into a frowning and crying face?

Let's inspire women during labor.

Let's boost their confidence and be their cheerleader.

I'm going to start with one of my local hospitals.  I can't be sure that I'll make any headway, but I know that it won't happen if I don't try.

Care to join me in this effort?

Labor as a watched pot 1

You can't rush labor

Everyone knows the expression "A watched pot won't boil" and I imagine most doulas have felt the similarity with labor.  I have had several clients over the years have out of town family come into town prior to the birth so that they can be there when the baby is born.  The days go by without a baby and the family has to either extend their stay or leave before the baby arrives.  Many times I have seen labor start the moment that the family has to return.   This has happened so many times that I actually warn clients about the watched pot phenomenon.

Have you seen this happen?

Why power bars are not right for this doula 0

Why power bars are not right for this doula

When I first started my doula work I put a lot of thought into my doula snack.  When I say a lot, I really mean it.  Everything was considered when choosing the right thing to put in my doula bag.  "Will this give me bad breath?" "Will this smell?" "Will this keep me satisfied for hours?"  "Will this stay fresh in my bag?" "Will this be noisy when I eat it?"

I ended up packing a variety of items which usually consisted of

1) a couple of Power Bars

2) some nuts

3) a banana

It wasn't a bad snack combination.  There was protein and fresh fruit.  But...There were 2 big problems with my snack strategy.

First problem...I HATED IT.

After a few years of births using this snack strategy I got to a point that I hated power bars.  I HATED them.  I would be starving at a birth and would just look at my sad power bar waiting to be consumed.  I just did not want to eat them any more.  I was so sick of them.   I tried so  many types only to end up being sick of all of them.  There just wasn't anything satisfying about those bars.

Second problem...I NEEDED THE BREAK.

Once I realized that I hated my snacks, I started leaving my clients and taking a proper break to have a meal.  When I started out in my doula career I couldn't imagine leaving a client.  Why would I do that?  Now I have realized that I need a break.  A break is SO good for me.  Leaving my client and taking a short (10-15 minute) break for a meal completely changes my mood.  I am recharged.  I am bright eyed and ready to go.  I usually just pop down to the hospital cafeteria which is my no means gourmet food, but it makes me so happy.  Sometimes this break gives my mind a chance to think about the birth from a different angle.  I get ideas on my breaks that wouldn't happen if I was munching on a protein bar in the labor room.

Of course this strategy isn't for everyone.  We all have to find our own ways of making this unusual profession work best for us and our clients.

How do you snack?  Do you like take a meal break or can't imagine leaving for a meal?  Share!!